Welcome to my ham page. I use and enjoy all modes but am primarily Digi modes enthusiast. I have been licensed as an A1 class operator for several years when I passed the HAREC exam before that in the 2010 year.

My current antennas:

ECO Tribander 10-15-20M @ tower 12 M, home-brew HF2V like antenna 9,2 meters long  for 40-80-160M and simple vertical antenna GP3W for 12-17-30 m  , home made Inverted V for 40M, inverted V 80M  and Sloper for Top Band 160 M

I built in July 2012 new tower with ECO Tribander Yaggi for 10-15-20M   at tower 12 M high  (picture bellow)  . The tower is an old military equipment  manufactured  around 1968 year. The station was previously used as a radio relay station  by Czech Army.  The station had  two same towers in the old Czech trucks Praga V3S. Look a picture bellow.

My  tower

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